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“Celebrate Rosalynn Carter with VP Biden’s Trip to Georgia!

President Biden is set to travel to Georgia on Saturday to celebrate the life of civil rights activist, philanthropist, and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. The passing of Mrs. Carter came as a shock to many Americans, who admired her tireless work towards equality and justice. During her lifetime, Carter worked tirelessly for mental health and children’s rights, and was especially vocal about her support for the rights of women and minority groups, which earned her the respect of strong leaders everywhere. In honor of these accomplishments, President Biden decided to make an official trip to Mrs. Carter’s native Georgia to celebrate her legacy and show his respect. He will be joined by White House Senior Advisers Susan Rice and briefs from the White House staff. The President plans to make remarks at a public event in Americus, GA. This is his first trip to the state, and it is particularly meaningful—Carter was a lifelong resident and protector of the civil and human rights of Georgians. The date is especially significant as well—Carter had a passion for children’s issues, and Saturday marks Children’s Day in Georgia. It is a state-wide holiday in which families, schools, and communities come together to celebrate the achievements of young people—which makes it an ideal occasion for honoring Carter’s life and legacy. It is events such as these that remind us to continue fighting for the causes she dedicated her life to defending. We are forever in debt to Mrs. Carter for her tireless work, and it is only fitting that President Biden would honor her with this special visit.