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“Liberals on Shaky Ground: Will Democrats Secure the House Majority?

The battle for the majority in the House of Representatives promises to be a very close one come November, and while the Democrats have held a slight edge in early polls, they may not be as certain of a winning outcome as they were initially expecting. With most states safely in the “blue” column and the key battlegrounds up for grabs, it appears that the party’s best chance of gaining enough seats to regain the House majority lies with the liberal states that are up for grabs in the final weeks before the election. Though many believe the Democratic party is assured of reclaiming the House, a closer look at the battleground states shows that the path to retake the majority is far from a given. First, the states where Democrats are likely to hold a majority of their seats. These include California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. While these states typically vote Democratic in a Presidential election, they could prove crucial if Republicans are able to make inroads in the wake of national political turbulence or due to the large number of independent voters in that region. If the GOP is able to chip away at their rival’s lead, the outcome of House elections in these states could prove to be decisive. On the flipside, there is reason to believe that the GOP could make significant gains in several key states. States like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are toss-ups that could turn either way due to the large number of undecided voters in those regions. The outcome of these elections could prove decisive if the Republicans manage to put the right strategy in place. Overall, the path to regaining the majority for the Democrats is not a lock by any means. The party must put a great deal of focus on the “blue” states while also keeping an eye on the “red” states as well. Depending on how things play out in the weeks leading up to the election, the majority in the House could be determined by voters in these key states. For the Democrats, the battle to regaining the majority is just beginning.