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Biden Campaign Fights Trump’s Promise to Ax Affordable Care Act

With the recent 2020 US Presidential Election fast approaching, the debate over the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has intensified significantly. Republican candidate Donald Trump has come out strongly in favor of repealing the ACA, while his Democratic rival Joe Biden has declared his intent to keep and improve it. Now, the Biden campaign has released a statement hitting back at the Trump Administration’s plans to dismantle health insurance protections for millions of Americans. The Biden campaign’s statement stresses that a Biden-Harris Administration would continue to build upon the ACA, advocating for better health outcomes and cost savings for millions of Americans. It cites the Trump Administration’s 2018 tax law as playing a major role in weakening health insurance protections for Americans, leading to greater out-of-pocket medical expenses. The statement also pointed to the Trump Administration’s refusal to expand Medicaid, and its refusal to allow states to provide low-cost, reinsurance programs that would help reduce premiums and reduce health care costs for middle-class Americans. Additionally, the Biden campaign noted that the Trump Administration had failed to direct lower drug prices as it had promised. The statement concluded with a renewed vision for quality, affordable health care for all Americans. The Biden campaign’s position is clear: it sees the ACA as an integral component in healthcare reform and will continue to fight to protect and improve the quality of health care for all Americans. Ultimately, the future of the Affordable Care Act will be determined at the ballot box. However, with the Biden campaign’s clear stance against a repeal of the ACA, it’s clear that the Democrats and the Biden-Harris ticket will be the standard bearers for health policy if they win the 2020 election.