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“Trump Tries to Flip the Script: Biden in the Crosshairs of Anti-Democracy Accusations

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has continued to be plagued by accusations that the president is moving the US towards more autocratic and anti-democratic systems of government. In a recent attempt to discredit the Biden-Harris ticket, Trump has attempted to spin the criticism by claiming that it is Biden and Harris who are ushering in an era of authoritarianism if elected. The Trump campaign has been vocal about its allegations that a Biden-Harris administration would lead to more government control over the lives of Americans with tax increases, more government bureaucracy, and the undermining of individual rights. While the Biden-Harris ticket has outlined plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, they have pushed back against the Trump campaign’s claims that such increases would lead to a more authoritative government. In reality, the Biden-Harris platform calls for bolstering America’s democracy by increasing voter access, reducing corruption and undue influence from powerful special interests, and protecting fundamental civil rights and liberties. In ED racial justice policies such as eliminating Jim Crow-era restrictions, Biden and Harris have also made it clear that they will provide equity and rightly expand rights for all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender. Furthermore, the Biden-Harris administration has promised to confront global challenges, such as the threat of authoritarianism and its reliance on propaganda to maintain power, by making investments in countries leading the way in democratization, strengthening US alliances around the world, and promoting human rights. They plan on doing so through focusing on US diplomatic efforts rather than military intervention when possible. Meanwhile, Trump has refused to address the immediate dangers of authoritarianism, instead attempting to twist criticism against him and harden anti-democratic rhetoric. His record of eroding democracy has been consistent since taking office- stacking the courts with anti-civil liberties activists, attacking the press, and disregarding truth have all intensified during his tenure. Ultimately, President Trump’s attempts to spin the authoritarian criticism against the Biden-Harris campaign have failed. As the US elections draw closer, it is essential that Americans continue to demand candidates who will prioritize democracy and put aside partisan politics. With the Trump campaign clearly failing to uphold these values, it is up to the voters to make a decision that reflects their dearest wishes for the future of the country and the world.