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“Turmoil Ends as Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Fires CEO!

On Tuesday, the Pro-Desantis Super PAC, a political action committee primarily responsible for funding pro-Desantis Apparelant campaigns, announced that its CEO had been fired. The news comes amidst a significant amount of turmoil within the PAC’s governing body, and may suggest a significant change of direction ahead for the organization. The PAC’s board of directors unanimously made the decision to remove CEO Robert Kostka, providing no further reasoning for the move. In a statement released shortly after the decision, they strongly indicated that the firing had been done with amicable terms and wished Kostka success in his future endeavors. This decision follows shortly after a similar firing of the PAC’s chief financial officer, which had been cited as being due to financial irregularities in the organization’s financials. This further serves to highlight the leadership crisis currently taking place within the PAC, and the board’s commitment to ensure that its leadership is not only competent but also respectful of the organization’s mission. Established by a group of prominent business leaders, the Super PAC was created in order to provide greater support to pro-Desantis Apparelant candidates running in the 2018 elections. Since its founding, the PAC has managed to achieve some notable successes, largely driven by large donations from prominent individual and corporate sponsors. While the firing of its CEO suggests a degree of uncertainty ahead, it’s likely that the Super PAC will still remain largely in line with the political goals it was formed to pursue. As its financial health continues to remain strong, it’s likely that the true impact of this decision will not be clear until the completion of the 2018 Election season.