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Four GOP Stars Face Off in Must-See Debate: Haley Gunning for the Spotlight

As the race to be the Republican nominee for president in 2020 heats up, four Republican candidates squared off last night in the second debate of the primary season. The debate was hosted by Fox News and moderated by Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, and Chris Wallace, and featured former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, South Carolina Governor Nick Haley, former Businessman Donald Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The debate focused heavily on foreign policy, with a particular emphasis on the Iran nuclear deal. All four candidates expressed opposition to the proposed deal, while emphasizing their commitment to national security. Senator Cruz struck a particularly passionate note, vowing to “rip up” the deal if elected. Governor Haley did not have an entirely consistent performance throughout the night. He stumbled when faced with some tough questions, but managed to redeem himself when talking about his home state of South Carolina. However, Governor Haley ultimately failed to make a clear “breakout moment.” The rest of the debate saw each candidate make their case within their own specialties and excellences. Trump outlined his proposals on taxation and the economy, Cruz focused on national security, Santorum on social issues, and Haley on state issues. It is now left to be seen what, if any, impact last night’s debate will have on the race for the Republican nomination. With Iowa set to be the first state to have a caucus and the Iowa polls showing a tight race, every candidate will be doing what they can to distinguish themselves. That said, last night’s debate was another opportunity for all four contenders to make their case before the American people. It remains to be seen which candidate made the most effective argument and will emerge from the debate with the highest standing in the polls.