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Head to Iowa and New Hampshire: CNN and ABC Host GOP’s Presidential Debates!

On Tuesday, major news outlets CNN and ABC announced that they would be co-hosting two Republican presidential primary debates that will take place in Iowa and New Hampshire. It will be the first opportunity for Republican hopefuls to showcase their visions for the future of the United States before a large audience before the start of the primaries. The debates will take place during the first week of December in Iowa and New Hampshire, two of the most pivotal states in determining the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. It will be the first chance for the Republican candidates to debate on a national platform, the kind of exposure that can be vital in shaping the general election. CNN and ABC have both said that the debate will be a fair and balanced platform for both candidates participating in the race. Moderators from both networks will be on hand to provide impartiality and unbiased reporting. It is also expected that the tone and format of the debates will be more of a town hall-style meeting where the questions will be framed in a way that allows for meaningful dialogue rather than the usual stilted adversarial exchanges found in other debates. The presence of both CNN and ABC is expected to draw in many viewers. Both networks have huge ratings and have made a name for themselves in covering major political events. This will be the first joint effort of this magnitude between the two and will provide a huge platform for the hopefuls to showcase their ideas to the American people. While the debates will be an important moment for Republicans, it is likely to be just the start of a long primary season. Both Iowa and New Hampshire are crucial states for shaping the nomination process and candidates who perform well in these debates will have a good chance of performing well in the primaries. The debates will be of great importance for voters in both states as they can get an up close and personal look at the contenders and make decisions about their vote. The CNN and ABC debates in Iowa and New Hampshire mark an important milestone in the 2016 presidential campaign. It will be the first opportunity for the Republican hopefuls to face off in front of the American public and make their case to the country. It will be an opportunity for the contenders to paint a vision of the future and start the ball rolling in what promises to be an engaging and highly competitive primary season.