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“Michigan Voters Back Trump – Poll Reveals Giant 4-to-1 Lead

Donald Trump is dominating the Republican field in Michigan, according to a recent poll from Monmouth University. The survey, conducted in May 2019, found that Trump is leading the GOP field in Michigan by more than four to one with 41% of the vote. The next closest Republican candidate was former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld with 10% of the vote. The poll also found that Trump is very popular among GOP voters in Michigan. A majority (63%) said they have a favorable opinion of the president while only 24% have an unfavorable opinion. In addition, the survey found that Trump’s support is broad and deep. He has the support of a majority of men (52%), women (30%), white voters (46%), and non-white voters (30%). Trump also has overwhelming support from self-identified Republicans (65%) and even receives a plurality (42%) among independents. Finally, the poll found that Trump’s reelection prospects in Michigan look good. Among those who are sure of their vote, 77% said they would cast their ballot for Trump while only 11% said they would choose another candidate. The poll results make it clear that Donald Trump is the man to beat in Michigan in 2020. Trump has a commanding lead among all GOP voters and enjoys a very high favorability rating from Republicans. On top of that, his lead is strong enough that he is likely to carry the state in the upcoming election. For these reasons, it looks like the 2020 race in Michigan could very well be decided before it even begins.