Rocking the Political Ground: GOP’s Impeachment Inquiry Takes Off

The impeachment inquiry of President Trump by the US House of Representatives has started on shakier political ground than expected, with critics questioning the Republican Party’s willingness to pursue the process. Despite the fact that the inquiry was initiated at the request of House Democrats in an effort to investigate the President’s alleged misconduct regarding his Ukrainian dealings, the Republican Party has unfortunately proven not to be completely supportive of the matter. In some quarters, party leaders have shown hesitancy to embrace the inquiry, while other leaders have outright dismissed it. The hesitancy or dismissal of the inquiry, despite the fact that both Republican and Democratic legislators have discussed the merits of the matter for months, has been met with criticism and disappointment from a large swath of the public. The refusal to embrace and participate in the inquiry has led to worries that the process might be undermined by political mud-slinging before any findings can be made—concerns made worse by the fact that the President’s own party is not fully behind the proceedings. The lack of full GOP support for the impeachment inquiry has also undercut the Republicans’ credibility on the issue—a credibility that is necessary if the inquiry is to be carried out in a fair and expeditious way. How the Republican Party responds to these criticisms of their support for the inquiry will be something that both liberals and conservatives will be closely monitoring. The impeachment inquiry of President Trump marks a crucial moment in American political history, and a full and productive investigation is essential to ensure that justice is served. It remains to be seen if the Republican Party can add its voice to the discussion in a productive way, in spite of its present lack of support for the inquiry. Time will soon tell if the Republican Party can set aside its political differences and stand with both sides of the aisle to ensure that justice is served.