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Honoring Justice O’Connor: Paying Tribute at the Supreme Court

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court, will lie in repose at the Supreme Court next week in Washington, D.C. Justice O’Connor, who died on Saturday at the age of 88, was appointed in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan and served on the court for 25 years, a steadfast advocate of fundamental human rights and an unwavering defender of equal justice under law. In her years on the court, Justice O’Connor wrote hundreds of opinions and authored some of the nation’s landmark rulings, including the 5-4 decision that claimed Bush won the 2000 presidential election against Gore in defining ruling the election. Justice O’Connor often made rulings on divisive issues such as affirmative action, healthcare, abortion rights, gay rights, gun control and political finance. Justice O’Connor’s legacy will be strongly remembered for her enduring commitment to furthering judicial fairness and equality on the court. A relentless fighter for civil liberties, Justice O’Connor ensured that all citizens had access to their rights under the law. Justice O’Connor’s long career made her one of the most influential justices in modern American history. Her groundbreaking appointment shattered a glass ceiling for countless women, giving them the courage to pursue their own career goals and become activists in their respective fields. In honor of her legacy, Justice O’Connor will lie in repose on Wednesday next week in the historic Great Hall of the Supreme Court. The public will be invited to pay their respects from 10am to 8pm, followed by a private ceremony for Supreme Court Justices and the O’Connor family. Justice O’Connor will be laid to her final rest in a state funeral in Phoenix, Arizona, her hometown and the place that inspired her devotion to public service. As a tribute to her legacy and contribution to justice, O’Connor will be remembered as an trailblazer in both her career and her values. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will not be forgotten. Her life and her work will inspire generations to come and her contribution to justice will never be forgotten. Her spirit and her message of integrity and commitment to justice will continue to shape the nation’s highest court.