’s ballot measure “Supreme Court Has a Say: 4 Nuggets of Insight from Disqualifying Trump’s Colorado Ballot Measure

President Donald Trump’s legal woes have been ongoing since he lost the 2020 presidential election. On March 17th, The Colorado Supreme Court put another dent in his efforts to overturn the results as they disqualified two Trump-backed election-related lawsuits from being heard in state court. Here are a few key takeaways from this decision. First, Trump’s legal team may no longer be able to use the courts to challenge the results in Colorado. The decision should cloud the legal efforts of Trump’s lawyers in other states. This is because the court’s decision was significant in that it suggested proof must be provided first that the election outcome was as a result of fraud. Trump’s lawyers have yet to produce such proof. Second, this may have set a precedent for future cases against state elections. The decision promises to benefit those who want to ensure the integrity of elections in other states. The court’s decision, in essence, states that it’s difficult to prove fraud without sufficient evidence. This ought to discourage frivolous lawsuits and reign in suspicions of citizens being able to challenge the results of free and fair elections. Third, the decision serves as a reminder of the power of state courts. When Trump attempted to bring the case to the federal court, they declined saying it was a state issue and falls under the jurisdiction of state court. This reaffirmed the role of the state courts in safeguarding elections. Lastly, this decision reaffirms the importance of strong democracies. Trump’s legal team failed to change the election outcome in Colorado, and not for lack of trying. Perhaps the most meaningful takeaway from the Supreme Court’s ruling is that, despite all its flaws, the United States remains a vibrant democracy, and its citizens are empowered to defend their electoral decisions at all costs.