“Trump Denies Hitler Comparisons: ‘I’ve Never Read Mein Kampf!’

Donald Trump has recently denied comparisons between himself and Adolf Hitler for the umpteenth time while also claiming he has never read Adolf Hitler’s landmark book Mein Kampf. The President was responding to a question in an interview about similarities between the two and if he had ever read Hitler’s autobiography and political manifesto. He responded saying, “No, I have never read Mein Kampf. For many people, that’s not a book of great appeal. It is not a book written in pleasant ways. I think it is a terrible book. I have never read Mein Kampf, nor do I intend to.” Trump’s response comes on the back of numerous impressions of him being compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The comparisons have ranged from his rhetoric and his nationalist views to his immigration policies. The President also dismissed the idea of striking similarities between himself and Adolf Hitler. He stated, “No – never – no. I never like discussing Hitler or similar things. It was a terrible time in history and no comparison should ever be made. There is a difference in what the two of us stand for and many people know it.” The denial by the President has been taken with a grain of salt by many, especially those who have had long-standing doubts that Donald Trump really does not understand the gravity of the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler’s actions. Nevertheless, Trump remains resolute that his views and policies should never be compared to those of Adolf Hitler and that Mein Kampf should never be viewed as something that holds any relevance to his own political ambition.