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Christie Stands Firm: Anti-Trump Movement Fractured

With the upcoming election of 2020 less than three months away, the future of the United States hangs in the balance. Sitting as the Republican Party’s foremost challenger to U.S. President Donald Trump, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has recently become a lightning rod for political debate. Christie has long been an outspoken critic of President Trump, and had initially been a key driving force within the “Never Trump” movement. Despite this, he has since publically spoken out against the candidacy of the current Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, in the upcoming November election. This move has caused much consternation among supporters and detractors of President Trump alike, and has caused a significant rift within the “Never Trump” movement. Further stirring the pot, almost all of the former Republican anti-Trump politicians who had gathered under Christie’s banner, such as former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, have since left the group to support Biden in his own bid for the White House. To receive renewed backing, Christie has brushed off the pleas of racial justice advocates, including the Reverend Al Sharpton and pop star Demi Lovato, to “bow out gracefully” from the race in the service of progressive causes and stand united in the campaign against President Trump. Christie insists that he will continue to fight Trump, despite the boutiquehetical division caused by his announcement. The Governor has heatedly declared that he will put country over party to ensure a “safer, more prosperous America”. Although Christie has yet to find widespread support for his campaign, it has become increasingly clear that his bid for 2020 has, whether he had intended to or not, profoundly splintered the anti-Trump movement. With a few remaining holdouts and newly acquired endorsements, we shall soon see whose argument will, in the end, prevail.