“Supreme Showdown: Colorado GOP to Up the Ante for Trump on the Ballot

Colorado GOP Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Keep Trump on the Ballot The Colorado Republican Party has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the name of President Donald Trump on the ballot in the state this November. In a legal filing, the party argued that a district court ruling earlier this month, which would nullify Trump’s name on the ballot, threatened the rights of the GOP’s roughly 1.3 million members in the state. The Colorado Republican Party argued that the ruling violated the First Amendment rights of its members, which is the right to associate. The party argued that the ruling would make it impossible for the party to engage in political activities such as debating and campaigning on the president’s behalf. The party also argued that the decision would unduly infringe on the party’s ability to attract new members and represent its existing members’ interests. Trump is facing an uphill battle in the state after Colorado Democrats have out-voted Republicans in the two previous presidential elections. Colorado is part of a larger trend of traditionally red states that are increasingly voting Democratic– as evidenced by the 2018 mid-term elections, when Democrats flipped two congressional seats that were previously held by Republicans. The ruling in question, which came earlier this month, was a response to a lawsuit made by three Colorado residents who argued that the Colorado Constitution prohibits a presidential candidate from being placed on the ballot if they are subject to recall proceedings in any other state. Trump, who is facing a recall effort in California, was found to fall within the scope of this law. The appeals court upheld the district court ruling, but the Colorado GOP requested emergency stay of the decision last week. The Supreme Court has yet to respond to the request, leaving the final decision up in the air. In the meantime, the fate of President Trump on the Colorado ballot in November remains unclear. While the party is hopeful that the Supreme Court will overturn the ruling, it remains to be seen whether this would be enough to effectively target the state’s increasingly Democratic voter base and sway the election in Trump’s favor.