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“Supreme Court Confronts the Crucial Question: Will Trump be on the 2024 Ballot?

The U.S. Supreme Court is now facing pressure to decide whether President Donald Trump is on the ballot in 2024. The pressure comes after Trump began hinting at a future run for the White House in the upcoming election, and the issue at hand is whether or not he can constitutionally stand for president again. The key precedent preventing a president from running again is known as the 22nd Amendment. This has been in place since 1951 and states that an individual cannot appear on the ballot for more than two terms as President of the United States. On the other hand, some lobbyists and lawyers believe that the 22nd Amendment only applies to terms that are served in full, rather than a situation in which a president of one term is voted out of office and tries to run for re-election. President Trump has continued to vocalize the idea of a future run for the White House, and due to this, the Supreme Court has been asked to make a decision on whether or not it would be constitutional for him to be on the ballot if he wishes to run again. Supporters of Donald Trump believe it should be his prerogative to decide whether to run again, and that it should not be left to the Supreme Court to do so. Regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision, it is likely to provoke a big discussion among political elites. Even if the Court finds that Trump is eligible to run again, the decision could bring up new constitutional debates and problems. Likewise, if the Supreme Court finds that he is not eligible to stand, this could anger a large portion of Republican voters who see Donald Trump as a political hero. It is unclear when the Supreme Court will make its decision, but it is likely to happen soon. Either way, its choice is sure to have a major impact on the 2024 US Presidential Election and the political landscape in the years to come.